Black and White Baby Beanie

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Black and White Velvet Baby Beanie in Newborn size from Benita Tatters Design

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Black and White Velvet Baby Beanie in Newborn size from Benita Tatters Design

A refined offering for the newest addition to your family. Meticulously crafted in Brisbane, Queensland, utilizing beautiful Velvet yarn, this beanie seamlessly merges charm with plush softness.

Precisely measured at 42cm in diameter and 15cm in height, adorned with a delightful fluffy pom-pom atop, this hat is a lovely blend of style and comfort.

For optimal care, we recommend handwashing the hat. However, it’s worth noting that the pom-pom may not fully regain its initial fluffiness.

This hand-knitted hat proudly features an affixed label attesting to its artisanal craftsmanship. Should you desire a different color, kindly convey your preference through a direct message, and we can tailor it to your specifications.

Versatile in its utility, this hat is ideal for baby photo shoots, providing both warmth and style, especially in colder climates or for a day out.

Your meticulously crafted hat will be dispatched in an eco-friendly bag, thoughtfully wrapped in tissue paper.

While the beanie radiates adorable charm and a gentle touch, it’s essential to acknowledge that, post-completion, subtle marks reminiscent of stains may be observed. These colour variations, however, are due to the distinct colour of the velvet yarn. In consideration of this, we have adjusted the price, presenting a unique opportunity to obtain an exceptional piece for your little one at an extraordinary value.


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