Welcome to my world

by | Sep 13, 2021

My Office

This is where I spend most of my day doing various activities. Editing websites, and creating newsletters, to drawing with pencil and paper or drawing straight into Creative Cloud Fresco.

One of my favourite programs to use is Illustrator, I just love bringing my created drawings in, adding colour and creating a pattern to go onto fabric or other items.

Who is in my world?

Wes, Benita, Skye and Sammi

My husband Wes and I have four children between us. A son in Orange NSW and three girls here in Sunny Brisbane. Our eldest daughter lives with her partner and fur babies (yes we have fur grandbabies.)

They may be practising to walk over the threshold (ssshhhhh don’t tell them I said that)

We also have our own fur babies, Chihuahua’s, that keep us amused with their crazy doggy antics.

Benita and Bailee

What am I learning?

I am learning to draw, every day I learn a little bit more as I practice each day. This is a drawing I did yesterday, of an Iris growing in my backyard. All my patterns start out like a simple drawing that I upload to the computer and create into a pattern. This is only a first draft, so there are many more stages before this will be pattern worthy as you can see.

Rough sketch of Iris from my back yard

Earlier this year (2021) I completed the Immersion course with Bonnie Christine. This was an amazing course and I learnt so much about using Adobe Illustrator to add colour, create patterns, and oh so much more! I am still learning as I put what I have studied, into practice creating collections to put on my Spoonflower shop.

Also I am learning about God our creator as I read through the Bible with my dear friend Nicole. We use an app called YouVersion where we can comment on the verses we read and what we learnt or thought. It’s a game changer for me as it makes me focus on what I am reading, and also consistent.


I love to sew, and would absolutely love to be able to sew my whole wardrobe with organic fabrics printed with my designs.

Calligraphy is also something I love to practice, in fact my latest calligraphy pen was a reward for myself for completing my collection called Nature Walk (Soon to be released on Spoonflower).

TWISBI Calligraphy Pen and Pilot Ink from Larrypost

I would love to see your world

I would love to see what make you tick, feel free to post some images of your world. Lets connect!

Something I have been very aware of lately, thanks to a dear friend, is how important it is to have people around you to spur you on, encourage and sharpen you. Only steal sharpens steal as they say. We need those other creative people around us to encourage and expand our horizons.

The importance of having a supportive and inspiring community for personal and creative growth is often key to moving forward sometimes. It’s easy to get stuck in our own thinking when working on creative projects alone, which is why it’s important to have a network of like-minded individuals who can provide feedback and encouragement.

Being part of a community provides us with the opportunity to connect with others who share our passions and interests. By sharing ideas and receiving feedback, we can improve and develop our skills, and explore new perspectives we may not have thought of otherwise.

Moreover, being part of a community can help us overcome feelings of isolation and self-doubt that can arise when pursuing our creative dreams. Knowing that others share our struggles and can relate to our experiences can provide a sense of validation and belonging that can be incredibly motivating.

Joining creative groups or communities, like our “Create Together” group, can be a great way to meet new people and expand our support network. By participating in groups, we can learn from others, share our experiences, and receive valuable feedback that can help us grow as creative individuals.

Therefore, it’s important to actively seek out and cultivate relationships with people who can challenge and inspire us. Ultimately, we can all benefit from the encouragement and guidance of others as we pursue our creative endeavors.

If you’re interested in joining our artistic group “Create Together”, simply register below to get your link. It’s free, and we would love to see you there! Remember, creativity is not a solitary pursuit, and we can all benefit from the support and encouragement of others.